Infinite Darkness

by Hoth

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Infinite Darkness is the second demo by Hoth. This album iterates on ideas from the first untitled demo and expands them out into 10 songs that deliver harrowing tales of the most fearsome and brutal creatures and events of a galaxy far, far away. Inspired by the most remarkable sci-fi trilogy of all time, this album attempts to grant all those horrific creatures appropriate homage.

While the recording quality of Infinite Darkness is inferior to later releases, it stands as an important building block in Hoth's musical journey. The foundation of Hoth's later signature sound can be heard here and there.


released 26 October 2012

All songs and lyrics by Hoth
Album artwork by Hoth
Logo design by Daniel Suter (



all rights reserved


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Hoth Seattle, Washington

Hoth is an extreme metal band that hails from the icy blackness of the void. We seek to envelope this world in an unending permafrost by bringing forth musical compositions that are captivating, powerful, and haunting.

We hope that you will enjoy listening to Hoth as much as we enjoyed making it.
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Track Name: Drowned by the Dianoga
Beneath the sewers, deep within the Death Star
exist terrors with appetites, insatiable
tentacles are wrapping around your ankle
you will be pulled under and torn asunder
devoured quickly
flesh ripped from bone
excruciating pain as you are digested whole
an unmarked tomb
a watery grave
your last living seconds will be spent in agony

drowned by the Dianoga,
pulled under the surface
strangled by tentacles,
bone ripped from body

mightiest of the cephalopods, a carnivore
scavenging for souls, chewing on old bones
one eye ever-seeking, always hungry for more
camouflaged killing machine, squid of nightmares
devoured quickly
flesh ripped from bone
excruciating pain as you are digested whole
your last living seconds will be spent in agony

drowned by the Dianoga,
pulled under the surface
seven tentacles drag you
beneath the putrid water

consuming the living and the dead,
its hunger has no end
tentacles, ever seeking
the Dianoga has no remorse
one eye, watching, unblinking
beware the trash compactor
your doom there awaits
perpetual, inescapable
You can't avoid your fate

drowned by the Dianoga,
pulled under the surface
keep out of the sewer.
lest you become its next meal
Track Name: Interstellar Gargantuan Space Slug
out in the depths of space
is a terror of great might
nine-hundred meters of writing hunger
This leviathan will eat your ship
The exogorth lurks in the dark
The great Slug preys on your flesh
eating all things man and machine

Space Slug
Interstellar Gargantuan beast
space slug
Leviathan of the cosmos
space slug
lurking in the asteroid belt
space slug
Interstellar Gargantuan beast

patiently waiting to bring your end
Since the dawn of all time
men have perished in the maw
of the mighty galactic space slug
Your doom will be wrought by this ancient terror
waiting in the dark to consume all life

space slug
space slug
space slug
space slug

This is no myth
the end is at hand
Say your prayers
Say your prayers
Track Name: Ghosts of Alderaan
Swirling demons of the void
I hear their cries, resounding wails
what once was here is no more
Ghosts lamenting, eternal damnation

souls destroyed, may you never rest in peace
the dark side triumphs, our power will only increase

A million voices suddenly called out
and then were silenced instantly
vaporized, turned to ashes
sacrificial victims to the altar of chaos

commence primary ignition
you may fire when ready

Ghosts of Alderaan
ultimate price paid
welcome to eternal suffering
Track Name: At the Helm of the Executor
Executor, chasing your souls, intergalacticly
The last thing you see, you will not live
Blood will flow across the stars
Imperial might, bearing down on you
River of lead turned to glass by the mighty guns of Executor
You will not live to tell of me at the helm of Executor
5,000 turbo-lasers at my command
38,000 storm troopers await my bidding
Blood will flow across the galaxy
At the helm of Executor
The dark side is strong
you stand no chance
evil prevails, for as long as I hold the helm

Solo, why do you test me, Solo? Why?
At the helm of the Executor
Track Name: The Frozen Wastes of Hoth
Wind blowing through your bones
blood freezing in your veins
the frozen wastes calling your name
you will never leave this place
the ice will freeze your soul
in this remote corner of space
I will never let you leave
from this frozen tomb
Soldiers frozen in the snow
their sacrifice means nothing now
I am here for young Skywalker
Come to the darkside now
won't make it past the first marker
destiny lies in the snow
The frozen wastes of Hoth
winds howling for your doom
Track Name: Torn Asunder by a Wampa
fur stained with guts and blood
knee high in the red flood
carnivorous repto-mammal
gobbling bones and enamel

jagged yellow teeth
long deadly claws
cut into the breathing meat
doesn't care that I'm raw
shovels me into its maw

Torn asunder by a Wampa
Half-eaten, left to die
Torn asunder by a Wampa
in an ice-cave I decry
Torn asunder by a Wampa
ripped apart, limb from limb
Torn Asunder by a Wampa
Agonizing death, so grim

The Empire was not
the real reason
the rebels left Hoth
it was killing season

Torn asunder by a Wampa
ripped apart limb from limb
Torn asunder by a Wampa
I sing a deathly hymn

They're not dumb brutes
blood-thirsty at heart
calculate and compute
how to tear you apart
disemboweled with great malice
entrails flung onto the ground
pile of bones comprise a palace
your remains will not be found
Track Name: The Great Pit of Carkoon
Blistering sun, desert wastes
demon of earth masticates
great mouth in the sand
echoing screams from the damned

The great pit of carkoon
smell the stench of your doom
no escape from your death
digestion, take your last breath

bodies stacked high
hear the wailing cries
in the fleshy walls
putrid souls, beast's thralls
boiled alive, swamp of bile
digestive tract for a mile
Torturous death
slowly digested
over the course
of one thousand years

bodies ripped apart
agonizing pain,
eternal torment
the time is now
corporeal nightmare
horrifying end
gesticulating corpses
foreshadow your death
deformed, burned
acid carves the marks
of the infernal demise

slowly digested over one-thousand years
fantasy come to life, summation of your fears
Track Name: The Rancor
Dathomir, in the Outer Rim
a planet swathed in mystery
where great beasts roam the lands
Looking for prey, hunting their kill

If you should chance to find one
and you live, to see the morning's light
Consider yourself lucky to tell the tale
of the beasts of Dathomir

Taken from its pristine jungle home
forced into a dark desert cave
beneath the palace of the Hutt
The rancor is full of rage

These claws will tear your flesh apart
When you fall into the dusty pit
The rancor wants nothing but to kill
vengeance consumes the creature's mind

Mighty behemoth of Dathomir
Boil your blood and fill you with fear

Mighty behemoth of Dathomir
Boil your blood and fill you with fear

Mighty behemoth of Dathomir
Boil your blood and fill you with fear